Urbeats Review


Design & Features

The urBeats model follows the usual Beats by Dre design. This model is available in either black or white. Each models has the signature “No Tangle” red cord. This cord also has a built-in mic which provides users with the outstanding ability to make cellular phone calls or even control the sound output of the headphones. Continue reading our urBeats Review for further features and performance outlines.

One of the major selling points of the urBeats model is it’s ability to withstand a nice beating. The headphones are designed to take a decent beating and still function properly. Each ear piece is consists of a brushed aluminium housing to provide extremely solid protection. In my testing of the headphone I purposely dropped the headphones from 10ft onto concrete and every single piece was still in tact. I did this before with a Sony model and both earpieces shattered. So the fact that these held together perfectly really makes it easy to trust the metal housing and durability. The headphones come with a 1 year warranty which is also a nice reassurance that the company stands behind the product the have produced. urBeats Review

It is also important to note that the urBeats come with a decent little carrying bag for your headphones for easy transporting when they are not in use. As with most “ear bud” style headphones, this pair comes with 4 different sets of rubber housings so you can pick which one fits your ear the best. This is very important, especially if you have big dumbo ears like me.


Overall we did not find any negative aspects performance wise in the urBeats headphones. As with most Beats models, the urBeats has an excellent bass. This is particularly good in rap music. The only negative to the great bass is if you listen to classical music. These headphones tend to make classical music sound like crap. Any other type of music sounds outstanding with urBeats.

The noise cancellation is as expected for an in-ear headphone.  You can still hear loud noises from the outside environment  but compared to other models like Apple’s iPhone headphones, this models blows them out of the water.



Most people probably wouldn’t think to see how the microphone performed for cellular calls. We tested this out on our iPhone 5. The call clarity was great when taking into consideration it is an off phone mic. It is only a little more distorted than a regular phone call.

Overall this is one of my favorite pairs of ear-bud style headphones. The design is simple and effective. The performance for the small $99.00 price is absolutely outstanding. These headphones are a must have upgrade for anyone who loves listening to music on the go.

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