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From our reviews, there is no doubt that for the price, the urBeats vs. Beats Tour has a winner. Beats Tour has a lot of negative aspects. They feel extremely cheap and the build quality is horrible. For a more expensive model, the Beats Tour is not better than urBeats.


UrBeats trumps the Beats Tour in several areas. The Beats tour is not equipped with a microphone. This means you would not be able to make calls with your iPhones. The Beats Tour is also extremely lacking in the noise cancellation department which is very important when looking for a pair of headphones. Unlike the Tour Beats, the urBeats have a very convenient remote for volume control. This allows you to change the volume without needing to open up for devices operating system. buy-now

Hands down, go with the urBeats. The build quality is better, the performance is better, and best of all, the urBeats are $50 cheaper than the Beats Tour.

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Urbeats vs Beats Tour, 5.7 out of 10 based on 73 ratings

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